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Frequently asked Questions
Will My Account Get Banned?
Absolutely not. Unlike the other websites, we use only the most trusted and the safest methods to deliver likes and followers to your Instagram profile. Once we say safest way, we mean that our approach to deliver, won't break any guidelines and terms of Instagram, and for that reason your profile will always be protected!
If followers will unsubscribe?
Over time, followers can unsubscribe. If this happens - we will make new followers free, just write us at indicating the order number and a link to your profile.
What guarantees?
We try to build long-term relationships with our clients. We want you make order to again. That is why we succefull fulfill all orders. If in doubt, start with a minimum order - check our decency.
I have been scammed before by others. Are you a scam too?
We are a real legal company with hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world. We have been in business for many years and one of the main reasons that we use PayPal is because it is the safest payment method for any buyer on the internet and it protects you from losing money to scam companies. Many of our customers come to us after already being scammed by another service and become very loyal to us once they see our results! If you doubt, start with a minimum order - check our decency.
How is it work?
You must select favorite package likes/followers. Next step - place your order. You must carefully fill in the fields, write e-mail address and link to photos or name instagram account. Next step - payment. You must make payment with PayPal. When we will accept and check your order, we will make likes/followers.
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